K-12 School Management

A Customizable Solution for Schools: iTrack is a centralized location that allows school districts to validate and improve what they are doing while enabling access to real-time data reporting.

Key Features

Full Customization

Data at Fingertips

Easy Navigation

Department Level Customization

Ongoing Customization

Who is iTrack for?

Success Coaches


Graduation Coaches​

School Districts​

Support Staff ​


Rehab Specialist​

Social Workers​


iTrack is a customizable tool for school staff to monitor caseloads, collect feedback, and capture ongoing performance data. iTrack allows you to focus your time where it matters: the students. Built for nonprofits, elementary, middle, and high schools working with at-risk and underserve youth.
⦿ Workflow
⦿ Customize Permissions
⦿ Code of Conduct Tracking
⦿ Uploading Documents
⦿ Set Notifications & Reminders
⦿ Send Messages
⦿ Staff Collaboration
⦿ Unlimited Custom Views
⦿ Unlimited Custom Graphs
⦿ Full Customization
⦿ Data at Fingertips
⦿ Easy Navigation
⦿ Open APIConnectivity
⦿Audit Logs Management
⦿ Granular Permission Controls
⦿ Triggers-based Auto-Notifications Engine
⦿ Collaboration Suite
⦿ Productivity Enhancement Suite
⦿ Mobile
⦿  Department Level Customization
⦿  Ongoing Customizations
⦿ Optional Add-ons
⦿ Enhanced Process

Key Features

Caseload Management

Communication Log

Real-Time Reporting

Central Location For Data

Student Performance Tracking

Students Behavior Data

Threat Assessments

Safety Assessments

Mental Health Assessments

Incident Reports

Our Partners


Student Support Management

Caseload Management

Mental Health Safety Assessments

Threat Assessments


LDAP Authentication

SAML Authentication


Brian R.

We’re an Urban School District and iTrack has been a game changer, because of the size of our district we needed a more efficient way to track behavior, suspensions and parent communication. I wasn’t sure about iTrack in the beginning because it was new for our district, I must admit the software has exceeded our expectations. Thank you for the continued support!

– Mauricio J.

Taz and his team did a great job customizing iTrack to meet our district needs. I highly recommend iTrack.

– Christopher C.

iTrack has allowed our Graduation Coaches to have data at their fingertips. We are very pleased with the results and the amazing support. Taz has checked in with us several times!

– Alene V.

iTrack has saved me a lot of time in my position as a Graduation Coach, I have been able to spend more time working directly with students to meet their needs.

– William D.

iTrack is worth much more than our school paid. Thanks for making the process hassle free. After a few Zoom calls we were up and running. Taz listened to our needs and iTrack delivered the data we were looking for.

– Franky W.

iTrack is user friendly, Great job! We have been able track our data more efficiently. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results.

Deryck T. Inspiring Minds CEO

With iTrack, we now have more consistent interactions with our students and a more efficient way to share information between staff.

Chris T.

iTrack has been an essential tool to help us support students and efficiently communicate between the staff who needs to know...iTrack and the customizability allows us to have counselors, administrators, graduation coaches, and other key staff members who work with the same student understand and know what each other are doing to support the student.

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